Did Eminem Like Juice Wrld

Did Eminem Like Juice WRLD?

The late Juice WRLD, known for his melodic rap style and heartfelt lyrics, made a significant impact on the music industry during his short career. His untimely death in December 2019 shocked the world, leaving fans and fellow artists mourning his loss. One of the most prominent names in the rap industry, Eminem, has been questioned about his thoughts on Juice WRLD. Let’s delve into this topic and explore whether Eminem liked Juice WRLD or not.

Background on Eminem’s Influence

Eminem, born Marshall Mathers, is widely regarded as one of the greatest MCs of all time. His impact on the rap genre, particularly in the late ’90s and early 2000s, cannot be overstated. With his unique flow, sharp wit, and controversial lyrics, Eminem garnered both critical acclaim and a massive fan following. His success and influence continue to endure, even after more than two decades in the industry.

Eminem’s Relationship with Juice WRLD

As two prominent figures in the rap world, Eminem and Juice WRLD crossed paths on a few occasions. In 2019, Eminem featured Juice WRLD on his track “Godzilla” from his album “Music to Be Murdered By.” This collaboration showcased their mutual respect and paved the way for a growing connection between the two artists.

In an interview with Sway Calloway, Eminem expressed his admiration for Juice WRLD’s talent and work ethic. He praised Juice WRLD’s ability to freestyle effortlessly, describing him as “one of those cats that was just like a lightning in a bottle.” Eminem further acknowledged Juice WRLD’s unique ability to blend singing with rap, stating, “the way that he was able to transition from rap to singing, you couldn’t tell sometimes if he was rapping or if he was just… like in the middle of a melody.”

Expert Perspectives on Eminem’s Appreciation for Juice WRLD

Music industry experts have also weighed in on Eminem’s appreciation for Juice WRLD. Anthony Kilhoffer, a Grammy-winning producer and engineer who has worked with both artists, discussed their collaboration in an interview. Kilhoffer stated that Eminem had a deep respect for Juice WRLD’s talent and described their studio sessions together as “organic and magical.”

Another expert, music critic Craig Jenkins, highlighted Eminem’s sincerity when collaborating with Juice WRLD. Jenkins emphasized that Eminem’s decision to bring Juice WRLD onto his album reflected his recognition of the younger artist’s talent and potential impact on the rap scene.

Eminem’s Tribute to Juice WRLD

Following Juice WRLD’s tragic passing, Eminem paid tribute to the young rapper during one of his live performances. In a concert in Abu Dhabi, Eminem performed a heartfelt rendition of “Godzilla” with a backdrop displaying Juice WRLD’s image. This tribute demonstrated Eminem’s genuine appreciation for Juice WRLD’s talent and the impact he left on the rap community.


Eminem’s admiration for Juice WRLD was evident through their collaboration, public statements, and heartfelt tribute. Despite coming from different generations within the rap industry, the two artists shared a mutual respect for each other’s skills and contributions. Eminem’s recognition of Juice WRLD’s talent solidifies the late rapper’s legacy, further cementing his impact on the genre.

Impact of Juice WRLD’s Death

The unexpected and tragic death of Juice WRLD sent shockwaves through the music industry and his fan base. Here are key points to understand the impact of his untimely passing:

1. Breaking Records

Prior to his death, Juice WRLD’s music was breaking records, with his album “Death Race for Love” debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. His unique blend of rap and emo-inspired lyrics resonated with a wide audience, making his loss even more significant.

2. Awareness of Addiction

Juice WRLD was public about his struggles with addiction, often referencing substance abuse in his music. His unfortunate passing shed light on the dangers and consequences of addiction, prompting discussions on mental health and the need for support systems within the music industry.

3. Influence on Future Artists

As a rising star, Juice WRLD’s impact on future artists cannot be underestimated. His melodic rap style and emotionally raw lyrics have inspired a new wave of young artists who aim to emulate his sound and express their vulnerabilities through music.

4. Collaborative Potential Lost

With his promising talent, Juice WRLD’s death meant the loss of potential collaborations with other prominent artists. Many artists, including Eminem, recognized Juice WRLD as a rising star and expressed their desire to work with him, making his absence deeply felt within the music industry.

5. Immortalized Legacy

Despite his short career, Juice WRLD left a lasting impact on rap music. His vulnerable lyrics and distinctive sound continue to resonate with listeners, solidifying his legacy in the genre. His music lives on through posthumous releases and the ongoing support of his dedicated fan base.

Eminem’s Enduring Influence on Rap

Eminem’s impact on rap music extends far beyond his collaborations. Here are key aspects of Eminem’s influence on the genre:

1. Shattering Stereotypes

Eminem’s success as a white rapper challenged the prevailing stereotypes within rap music. In a predominantly Black genre, he proved that talent and skill should be the determining factors of success, regardless of race, breaking down barriers and inspiring a new generation of diverse artists.

2. Evolution of Lyricism

Eminem’s intricate wordplay, multisyllabic rhymes, and storytelling abilities revolutionized rap lyricism. He elevated the genre with his technical prowess, inspiring aspiring MCs to push the boundaries of their craft and raise the bar for lyrical excellence.

3. Emotional Vulnerability

Through his music, Eminem explored deeply personal topics, such as his troubled upbringing, addiction struggles, and relationship issues. His raw honesty and willingness to confront his demons paved the way for a more emotionally vulnerable form of rap, encouraging other artists to share their own experiences.

4. Influence on Pop Culture

Eminem’s impact reached beyond the music industry. His controversies, boundary-pushing lyrics, and unapologetic attitude made him a significant figure within pop culture. His influence extended to fashion, film, and social commentary, solidifying his status as an influential icon.

5. Enduring Relevance

Despite emerging in the ’90s, Eminem’s influence and relevance have not waned. His ability to reinvent his sound and address contemporary issues has allowed him to remain a force within the rap scene. He continues to inspire both established and up-and-coming artists, ensuring his enduring impact on the genre.

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